DDM (Drowning Dog and Malatesta) got together in San Francisco October 2005.
and have released 3 albums a 7inch and produced many albums and compilations (EK records).

Got No Time CD
Mix Tapes & Cotton 7 inch
Senza Padroni CD
Black Cat, Best You Can Get CD

They have been involved in collectives organizing shows in San Francisco, Milano and Berlin (Entartete Kunst Collective, Rap Militante Internazionale, Barrio Revolta Collective) as well as organizing countless European tours at the same time releasing music on EK Records.

DDM have played 100's of benefit shows all over Europe and the U.S.... for mainly anarchist and radical left collectives.
and have shared the stage with acts such as, Premiere Ligne, Cuba Cabbal, Acero Moretti, Leleprox, Collectif Mary Read, Literal X, Kronstadt, Jello Biafra, AP2P M1 (Dead Prez) & Bonnot, Qeld, Assalti Frontali, 99 Posse, La Kattiveria, Gente Strana Posse, La Scred Connexion, DJ Seven, Refpolk, Microfone Mafia, Moscow Death Brigade, What We Feel, English Dogs, Filastine, La Gale, The Arabian Knightz, Clayton Blizzard, MC Killa and so many more...