Thanks for thinking of DDM
please read and agree to all 5 info points : Audio,promo,hospitality,money and travel
and please contact us if there's anything that is not clear.

DDM tech.


        1. Audio/Stage        

what we need from you: 

1x table for malatesta's equipment 1.5m x 0.5m x (1.0 m..max)

 2 x XLR/cannon cables to go from Malatesta's mixer to the house mixer.

          *(malatesta's mixer outputs)        

Please leave the E/Q on your house mixer FLAT if possible !

1x power strip on the table for 3 electrical inputs


1x stage monitor next to malatesta's table

2x stage monitors for DD

*Drowning Dog uses her own mic through a small compression/EQ Box, so in total we need 3 channels on your desk.

If possible please provide a Beamer/Projector to project behind us... we will bring a usb key with an image on it.


2. Promo

To get the word out for the upcoming live us for logos/photos/bio etc.

DDM (Drowning Dog & Malatesta) black cat electro rap from San Francisco/Milano/Berlin



3. Hospitality


Sleeping for 2 in a clean quiet private room

FRESH vegetarian food


We are green and sober :)

4. Money/Cache

 all travel costs + contact us.


5. Travel


Please collect us and drop us off from the airport/train station if possible.

2 x Flights/train tickets round trip (inc all travel expenses, please pay for travel in advance where possible)


                                                                                 Please contact us directly about smaller shows.

We are overwhelmed with requests for benefits, please be aware of this, we can't and won't play them all.

*try and confirm shows as early as possible, for dates already booked look here...Live 


you don't have to put your full name...