Drowning Dog... WORD.

Senza Padroni

Senza Padroni 2011     (E.K. Records)

1. People Never Heard (words by Drowning Dog)

This is for the people who are never heard,
it's a voice for the voiceless, a toast for the toastless, a smoke for the smokeless for those on the train but are coachless,
for those who do the farming but are foodless we this .. believe this. 
This is for the people who are never heard, 
we've got so much more to say and no one gets to hear tip toein' through this life drivin by fear. 
This is for the people who are never heard, 
this is for those with chains on their feet we scared to move we scared of defeat this is for those who go non stop nuturing their children, 
harassed by the cops, 
it's like fuck the many and serve the few in this world of vertical madness what are we to do? Is there time served for the people never heard, 
remembering the coming years like they're already gone, when desperation conquers reason it's a treason to behold, on ourself without knowing, we're filling a mold, 
contemplating survival and it's something so old.
This is for the people who are never heard, 
we're everything we'll never be stifled from our true potential, we could be so much more but this fear culture reigns on us and it ain't accidental.
We scared of each other, steady keeping us from our basic essentials but if i am you and you are me and we share knowledge to becoming we, 
pulling strength from one another then we wouldn't need managers or masters, 
these fuckers sucking on us like cancers, we are never heard, cause they never asked us, they wouldn't like the answer it's a hush hush, been silenced for years, 
we ain't livin through our fears... so fuck your careers...!!
Making me feel funny like a bad remix and these tricks are for kids, this is my bid for another society living horizontally, what it be, wanna be, 
constantly thinking how we can do better cause we all have ideas on how shit can work better, together, 
but it's like a lost love letter, so much good intention but it's never delivered, a misconnection, options never considered, 
so I'm saying it now cause a broken people we can't be.
This is for the people who are never heard.

2. Smile (Words By Drowning Dog)

This smile ,That smile Which is the one? Real smile, cracked smile coming undone,
a breaking grin from within isn't enough, can't hold up, smile never sung.
Obligated and corralled to buy smiles.. that don't fit
they don't sit... right. 
Which smile is this? Which smile is this?
Crack a smile even if it's fake, Crack a smile.. even if it break
Plastic exterior fake styles fake smiles, your shit is lame, like corporate music pushed on us, its all the same
hollow on the inside shallow on the downside.. empty. 
Which smile is this? We had plenty, fake happiness disillusioned contentment, lie to me, i'll believe
lie to ourselves, never see... Reflection in the mirror never coming clear,
disillusioned contentment in a world of fear. 
Which smile is this? 
We stand next to reality everyday
never make eye contact just look away, until you wanna buy back the dreams that you sold, just look away 
and dream about gold, these produced smiles are buried with profit and waste strangled with products 
never intended to work or function strictly for consumption. 
If i was a better consumer would it make my smile more real and inspired instead of empty anxiety taking pills to see.
Which smile is this?
The smile looks so sweet but stabs in the side, it's cold on the inside. 
Which smile is this?
fake happiness leading to resentment a smile with a twist disillusioned contentment
Which smile is this ?
3. The Love We Keep (Words By Drowning Dog)

The love we keep inside Does it fade? does it die? Does it keep workin overtime Screamin just to stay alive.That love we keep That love we keep inside That love we keep The love for one another the care, compassion for anothers despair a sympathetic reaction I'm tryin to pretend that i dont care,but i do The hearts' the size of our fist  through em up, its true It's hard to resist that love that tears us apart and brings us together so im asking you ehh..Is it enough? Will it bring me to the end? and is it enough? Is there more coming round the bend?When my batteries empty does my alternator kick in? Like a good friend bringing us backto the beginning, filling with inspiration of more living soo..The love we keep inside does it fade? Does it grow? Does it multiply to let you know that you're not alone and its boomeranging home cause its about the people not the political party, let's go! Baby girl in the back saying, Now we on a roll! We all step up! You heard it before NO bosses! and now we in control We need real mutual aid, let's go!That love we keep inside does it fade? Does it grow?

4. My girls' got pressure (words By Drowning Dog)

One trip. I cant make. A mistake. Pressure. One trip. We can’t make. A mistake. Pressure.
One trip. We can't make. A mistake. Pressure.... Pressure. Pressure. 
My girl was fired for being pregnant I don't know where her fuckin’ head went
She thinkin the owner give a fuck about life, When he'd rather take her in the back racehorse stylee
Blat! Blat ! 
Piled in the stack she be, like she sixty, like how we treat our old... you had your day, the truths been told
you been used and abuse,d but no more confused.... Fired for being pregnant 
watch out! you could be next... We all disposable heroes and these killers come correct
there's a 2 week lapse and you can't pay your rent, cause your paycheck says 160, my daycare 150.
Pressure in this cooker like we are pieces of rice struggling for this life like we all are,
to different degrees they got us beggin on our knees.
Beggin' boss man please,
beggin for the obvious.... Get off top of us!  No hierarchy, hold us down,
box us in and there's no more sound... Hillary or Obama can't save us now
like they ever could... Cause they fillin' their position They fillin' their role, this role we seen before
and i think we can have a classless society... Horizontally
dismantle the power stack, distribute our wealth back... 
Sooo get up !!  get up!!
it's a stick up, stick up , cause they got us beggin' on our knees beggin' boss man please
beggin for the obvious... Get off top of us.  No hierarchy hold us down,
box us in,  and there's no more sound.  Hillary can't save us now.

5. Bang Bang Silver Dollar (Words by Drowning Dog) 

Bang Bang! silver dollar Ching Ching
Without this i still move, Makin somethin Outta nuthin Ain’t new This new Makin moves Makin moves Bang Bang! 
Who holds the piggy bank who collects? Who holds the piggy bank who's in debt? Who holds the piggy bank 
who deals it out? Who calls the shots? Who cleans them pots? Ya wonder, I betcha, i know, it kept ya
Got you in a chokehold CEO's, Bankas, Politicians Gangstas Elbow to the throat and no passing go No go No go 
cause they own you and they own the land, sand and the sea too They some loan shark monsters with a big crew 
Credit card killer a pusher a dealer You don't  know their name but they own this game They hold the banks 
Got it on lock cause they own the tanks They own the T.V.They talkin that makin us believe that we need the Man 
they some sleazy corporate sponsored marketing adventure manipulating we The pork the protectorof  the bank investors 
Why can't we see they some hanibel lecter cannibel shit Dalmer aint got nuthin all the flesh they get. 
killers..serial bankers..who benefits? follow the money trail and we'll find answers or it's another trail of tears forever 
where's the money come from? where's does it go? makes me skepital of the things i touch and know like 
how'd they get the money? where'd the get the dough? Who worked finger to the bone ? who had to die? 
to get the bankers bills staked so high believe that there's a connection..a corralation, 
so's here's my interception for conversation we need some reflection on .....(Who holds...
Ya wonder, I betcha, I know, It held ya Ransom for your work check Cleared check Bounced check 
How much is your amount check Check check Check into cash.Bank of italia, City bank, Bank of america, 
J.P. Morgan Chase Fat bankers telling me to tighten my belt  thats like alcoholics telling me to get some help
But i want to move on to a world without hunger Death from hunger Fighting one another for land and power 
American dollar,euro,yen,pound I've been around, all the stories I've found and seen I said, you know what i mean
when push comes to love we can shovel alotLookin out for each other sometimes it's all we got.They ain't lookin out for we 
They lookin out for them Our needs are never  met  so why do we pretend They sold us out It's in their interest 
their bankable income giving us no rest keeping us all pressed bent over the rent.. pressure 
While I'm waiting on the automated telephone line It got me feeling quite the lesser and they some carlo hesser 
they can do what they want and keep us wondering why are luck, don't amount to fuck no matter how hard we try 
I never trusted mr. bank it's true only dealing with em cause i have toIf i had an option i'd divorce em but this economic 
freedom not suppose to It's a double standard from way back getting pressing on my our last nerve siadic 
Ok listen mr. bank if i could no thanks you can keep your statements and fuck your payments cause they makin 
multi billion dollar profits and zero taxes paid multi million dollar refunds and the rest of us are slaved
Wall street bailouts are makin more than before Bail skeet wailout some dicks galore so lets Smash the banks of marble 
Kick the bosses out the door share the vaults silver that we all have worked for Piggy Piggy Bang Bang!

7. Antagonista a Vita (Words by Acero Moretti & Drowning Dog)

Maledetto il suono della sveglia, una veglia dannato un altro giorno sulla terra, bombarda la tensione dei miei nervi 
se il mondo è popolato da servi siamo gli invitti con l’odio per i ricchi che siamo pazzi è messo agli atti l’orgoglio 
qui si vede nei fatti per questo sappi non è mai tardi per uscire dal gregge perché se il modo esplode 
voglio il ruolo delle schegge la vita è una galera ed io pecora nera né essere eremita né unirmi 
a questa schiera di assassini di sbirri e di padrini rivolta popolare fomentata dai cortili contro le regole della partita 
la scelta è fatta ...antagonista a vita… (Acero Moretti's Words)
Feelin like your gettin ripped off everyday You gotta watch that hustle in a critical way 
When it's big business beastuality baby It'll eat you up and roll you over slap your mother and eat your brother 
all in the name of some war, power, profit They say It's just natural you can't stop it But yes we can, it's like, just say no
we can change what we know popular revolts from below cause it don't feel good and it don't feel right 
got you stayin up late night putting stress in your life assassini thiefs like them I can't be 
so i made a decision, we can make a choice Antagonista  a Vita Antagonista a Vita ..Life.

8. Eliminate The Position (words by Drowning Dog)

They say it's lonely at the top then get rid of it, rid of it
People sipping garbage are sick of it, sick of it
Never learned to shareit's a give and take not a rake and make 
They're profiting off some misery and torture 
investing in this shit and saying that it's order
We're pieces of cattle written up in their business plan
They're holding the saddle and we thrown in the pan
It's like "change" 'yes we can' 
I can't buy that bit 
cause they still want cheap hands to clean their shit
so we'll always be underpaid and overworked
and that's our condition
until we decide to eliminate that position

9. MixTapes & Cotton (Words by Drowning Dog) 

Mixtape Mixtapes and cotton Mixtape Mixtapes and cotton
We got mixtape mixtapes and cotton
Growing up in america with a burning cross god bless you little lady feeling all is lost
fear splattered on your face at any cost. but we got mixtapes and cotton
I grew up on tapes and cotton and a lot in between not to be forgotten  burning crosses ice cream
so, no way we stoppin drowning dog you've seen.
So you stabbed my dog, covered your face burned some wood such cowardly disgrace
but you the man that's what you said take off the mask  and come ahead
cause we can deal with you yeah,we can deal with you we can deal with a redneck with a pit
and we can deal with some boy down the road talking shit but when the police start the fires
institutional burn flamed by policies now that's a concern
a deadly weapon tenth degree burn like somethin you learned
anger misdirected misdirected from the start anger misdirected eating up your heart.

10. Sick (Words by Drowning Dog)

So So Sick Sick and Tired 
So So Sick Owned and Managed
So So Sick Sick and Tired So So Sick
Sick of being owned Sick of being managed Owned and managed they creating an advantage 
and it's ohh so savage pillage, cabbaged pickled,ravished owned and managed
it's like my brains in a bandage sitting here chewing on my manwich sandwich owned and managed
Gotta go and look for a new job and i hate that shit  Go try and sell yourself and talk to some pricks
beg for jobs that you don't really want Are you a team player? take the team player test
Watch these videos and put our name on your chest Customer service, got you alright.
It's all taking and no givin We in the rat race reachin for the ribbon
We're owned and defined It's an ultimate design This heirarchal structure  keeps my owner just fine
When it comes to "risk" they say they're a team player,when it comes to "profit" they're a private investor
WTF, get it straight,hypocrite, fuckin fake That's why i'm for the  self emancipation of the working class 
and their structure i blast cause i think people should have control over what they are affected
and what they do or what they produce let me tell you, otherwise
it no use, but this is the story of the working poor no matter where in the world you are
it's been like this for generations no matter how they spin it
We at the end of the line exploited forever  for the dime ..billions
I don't wanna exploit and I don't wanna be exploited so it's left me feeling just a little disjointed
Good boss, bad boss Better boss, worse boss We no longer serve the boss 
no longer one man making all the profit their position is  obsolete 
We can share the pains and the gains that come off it 
no longer need them to be complete.When we standing on our feet learning how to grow
learning how to let go when we work what we own and we own what we work
We can change our path repeat history past ortalking that same.. repeat
Press play and rewind but i wanna go forward.. evolve cause i got no time 
and it's a possibility this collectivity tonight in your neighborhood in the trailer park, 
we sitting up thinkingit's half past dark. We realized, we decide self managed we can remove the bandage
Equality in the workplace yes we can! organize ourselves  better than the man

11. When Yesterday Is Finished (Words by Drowning Dog)

When yesterday is finished and tomorrows door is closed
Tommorows door is closed, tomorrows door is closed
When yesterday is finished finished finished..
When this life is over was it worth it?
Could we really live the way we wanted?
We work it, we deserve it
or were we trapped in a design wage slaves in a class system
Chained to nine to five economically drivenLeaving us with no time for what's important to you
we living 
for other peoples schemes, regimes and coups
Who's playin who? Smells like some lies, rotten flesh too
I'm saying, when it's done and dusted could we live life or just lust it ?
When we sitting in the dark waiting for our eyes to adjust, can we see more clearly?
Can we see more just? Don't want to wait for this
We all creating a purpose I'm more than scratching the surface
Can we admit it to ourselves or are we scared to ask
at work we treated like old product shelf expiring fast  soo..
Our lives before their profit and Our lives before their wealth cause
Could you break free? Did you get down on one knee?
Did you feel that you were blessed? and this was destiny or
Did you think that this was it and that was just fine 
Absolutely who knows it was always on your mind.
We stuck in the hustle stay busy watching the clock
Waiting heaven to dissolve our troubles, We hoping a lot
This life goes so quick you blink times away and 
without it we can't stay 

13. No Bosses (Words by Drowning Dog)

No bosses ! I ain't the first girl to say it like that. we switched up the beat of the drum.
thats right, everyone should have a heath card and that's right, we saying through up your arms 
No bosses, its the boss i'm gonna hate whether its my girl or whether its my mate
cause its the position that got us all irate.we back with the 808
No bosses! Let me slow it down so you can catch the flow screw it up. make it go extra slow
Real girls kick in your bosses door kick in your bosses door.
If I gave you a piece you'd want some more touchdown and im on it like a pro 
I ride to work on my bicycle, it's icy coldFrom the 6..4 hoppers up in crenshaw 
the money makin players up in wall street cause big problems so we goin' keep it bumping while the 808 is jumping 
No diamonds on my neck No diamonds in my grill  No diamond on my neck No diamonds on my grill
I bet you never heard it like this before my baby be mopping them bosses floors
He's at the bar popping shit he can't afford we can't afford I'm thinkin, blastin the crowd we all smoking
all the while im all open me and my girls stay fly we love to stay high
from the 6..4 hoppers up in crenshaw the money makin players up in wall street 
cause big problems so we goin keep it bumping while the 808 is jumping 
It's about time we get rid of them can't be sharing then we get rid of them
damn girl, got hurt emif we dont fight back.. they gonna work us put your mack down, i know your background 
what you want boy, you gettin mad now?
That's how i see it , what? i ain't the only one, in fact they in the back,
bring them to the front sis, tell that man No more bosses!
i don't think they understand  No more bosses!
get some help if we can, cause we lost it there aint no refunds they spent your cash, man
in their benz driving on your facein the fast lane, flossin you said, how much it cost us?
about our whole life, man
No bosses!