Nadir Rap

    Thanks for thinking of Nadir
    please read and agree to all points :
    Audio, hospitality and travel

1. Audio/Stage        

what we need from you for a smooth show: 

1 x table for DJ Astrophat's equipment 1.5m x 0.5m x (1.0 m..max)

2 x XLR/cannon cables to go from Astrophat's controller/mixer to the house sound desk.

   *(Astrophats's mixer outputs)        

Please leave the E/Q on your house mixer FLAT if possible !

1x mic for Hanzo

1x power strip on the table for 3 electrical inputs


1x stage monitor next to Astrophat's table

2x stage monitors at front of stage for Hanzo (if possible)

1x Table for the EK Records distro/merch

2. Hospitality

Sleeping for 2 in a clean quiet private room where possible

1x Vegetarian 1x Meat eater


The DJ likes green and the rapper will have a beer.

3. Travel

2 x Flights/train tickets round trip (inc all travel expenses, please pay for travel in advance where possible)

Please collect and drop off Nadir from the airport/train station if possible.

4. Money/Cache

Nadir will accept whatever you can offer above travel costs... if thats nothing. no problem

5. Promo

To get the word out for the upcoming live us for logos/photos/bio etc.

Nadir (Astrophat & Hanzo) from Benevento, Trieste, Berlin and beyond,

dark atmospheric beats with Hanzo on the double time street prose.. Briscola meets RTJ.


*try and confirm shows as early as possible, for dates already booked look here...Nadir Live


you don't have to put your full name...